Using Facebook Auto Liker Step by Step Instructions!

First step, need to go at our Auto Liker Homepage, and click on the Red Button name Click Here.

After this, it will open another page in which it asks you to follow 2 steps. It is important that first you click on first button and allow the application to get access. After that click the second button which will generate a token code.

If you have already done step 1 once, there is no need to do it again. However if not, click on it, and after click on the Okay button 3 times as it requires.

After allowing application access next thing to do is press the button of 2nd step, and it will generate an Access Token for you. Then copy all the link from address bar

After copying token, go back to our home page, paste token and Login. Then you can see a list with our services, click on the one you want to use. Then click on Submit button, on the status, link, picture, video etc that you want to gain the service.

Important Notes: There are just a few requirements you need to be able to use our system!

  • Need to be +18 years old.
  • Facebook Followers Settings to Everybody
  • Change your post, status to public so you can receive the services.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact me. Will reply to you back as soon as possible.


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Wondering how to get facebook auto likes, comments, followers? Autoliker Tools has heard of your prays. This is exactly what we do. We are an automated system which offer you our services for free. All the procedure It's very simple and you can start get fb likes in just few seconds. Beside being an auto liker system, we do also offer other services such as auto comments or auto posting to facebook groups, facebook pages or to your friends timelines...
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